Accelerator Operation and Components

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The Ion Source
The CASE Nuclear Structure Lab ion source is a General Ionex 860A (now part of High Voltage Europa HVEE), purchased in 1983. It is a negative ion source capable of making microAmp beams of most elements from the periodic table (exceptions include noble gases).
The Tandem
The CASE Nuclear Structure Lab accelerator is the FN-8 Tandem Van de Graaff built by High Voltage Engineering Corporation in 1967. It uses a pelletized charging chain to create voltages up to 8 Million Volts.
The Ion Optics
A variety of ion optical elements are used to steer and focus the beam.
The Target Room
The CASE NSL Target Room has 6 beamlines available for experiments in nuclear physics, atomic physics, condensed matter, radiation damage and Accelerator Mass Spectromtry.</li>
The Detectors
Each experiment uses specialized detectors to count, identify and characterize the reaction products.

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